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“Tash Terry—My music and writing is about life and all the twists and turns that go with it. Music comes to me through the spirit of spontaneity and if I am so blessed or prepared, depending on perspective, I will catch it on paper, or even "Quicktime" on my Iphone and have the 'saved moment' to work with when time and inspiration permits. I also believe in collaboration and have been very blessed to work with elena from New Zealand with our various lineages and backgrounds to merge the Northern and Southern Hemispheres through our music as Indigie Femme. I think we have so much to learn from one another and if we can share it through music and other forms of the creative process then we have an opportunity and privilege to become a more compassionate world and there is more hope for peace and love on a global level. Elena Higgins— My art means EVERYTHING to me - the air that I breathe, the colors in the rainbow, life itself and all that it gives!”

“There is a Maori expression that means “the wind songs.” It is “Te Hau Waiata” (pronounced Tee Ho Why-a-ta) and it is also the title of the newest CD by Indigie Femme, a duo comprised of Elena Higgins born in New Zealand of Maori and Samoan descent, and Tash Terry born and raised on the Navajo (Diné) Nation. “I have Tash to thank for her persistence and belief of making this CD happen,” Higgins said. “Our fans demanded CDs in our languages. When we finished ‘Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky,’ I was hoping Tash would forget about the ‘Maori CD.’ She didn’t!” “I grew up singing the songs on the CD,” Higgins continued. “My father, Thomas Shepherd, who was of the generation that could only speak English at school or be whipped or severely punished, helped with my diction and translations of these songs. Higgins and Terry have sung together for the past six years. The Santa Fe-based duo has won state, national and international awards for their work.”

“We’re showcasing a gem from the Navajo and Aotearoa Maori Country Rock duo Indigie Femme by giving you their track called Am I Ready. Based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tash Terry and Elena Higgins have been making music since November of 2006. Indigie Femme, the child of collaboration between the two singer-songwriters, released the song Am I Ready on the album Indian Souvenir in 2010. That year saw many miles for the musical duo who toured both the West Coast of North America as well as much of Australia. The tour payed off when in 2011 the duo received several awards for their music, including a Native American Music Award (NAMMY), double New Mexican Music Awards (NAMA) and becoming Sacramento Community of Color Diversity honorees. The band is coming off of a few months of performances, but if you’re in the area of Santa Fe in the month of August be sure to catch them at Cowgirl Santa Fe on Saturday, August 18th from 2-5pm, and tweet about it!”

“Meanwhile, Tash and Elena from Indigie Femme, a popular duo from Santa Fe, count among their influences the Navajo, Maori and Samoan cultures. They combine thoughtful lyrics with music infused by drums, chants and strings. Reflecting that fusion of cultures, Elene and Tash inject infectious energy and joy into their performances, incorporating a blend of folk blues and soul with a touch of world music. There’s a certain spirituality that the duo tries to convey. “We need to drop these ideas of separation, and divide and conquer,” Tash said. “The more we do that, the closer we get to the idea of international peace.””

“VOTE FOR US AT THE 2010 NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. Two categories: Best Folk Recordings (Indian Souvenir) & Debut Duo http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/home.cfm September 20, 2010 – New York, NY. Nominations for the 12th Annual Native American Music Awards (NAMA) were announced today by The Native American Music Association & Awards. The 12th Annual Native American Music Awards will be held on Friday, November 12, 2010 at the Seneca Entertainment Center in the Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY. Public voting to determine the winner of each category will commence in the next few days and will be open to the general public. Music from all nominees is currently featured on the audio players on the website. F DEBUT DUO OR GROUP OF THE YEAR Indigie Femme – Indian Souvenir H BEST FOLK RECORDING Indian Souvenir - Indigie Femme”

“Indigie Femme combines both traditional and original song with dance and story telling. Parallels have been drawn between Indigie Femme and the Indigo Girls in that they are acoustic, female and folk. Indigie Femme speaks to a variety of deep issues: environmental, emotional and political.”

“The headliner in a concert tonight is a musical duo Indigie Femme. "Many of the songs we write are political,” said Elena. “Blessid Rain,” whose lyrics discuss coal mining on the Navajo reservation. The song suggests walking in peace and beauty rather than pillaging Mother Earth. ”

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