Indie Cox / Press

“Hi Indie Cox, I've had a listen and must say very hot work u got here, Loving the vibe, uk love 2 Ur page, God bless the work here”

Charleena, Reverbnation

“Well i absolutly love what i hear ! Good guitar playing & Arrangements !”

OTL Productions

“Mademoiselle you are beautiful and your music I adore xoxoxo You sound like the sunny days in Spain xox LOVE IT”

OTL Productions

“Hi Indie Cox, you have great songs here, keep it up the good work. Greetings from France”

MOTW, reverbnation

"Awesome Music!! Music bridges all gaps emotionally. I’m a fan."

Casey Picou, reverbnation

“OMG, I've got goose-pimples... it's amazing!!!”

James L., facebook

“You have a very special style, sophisticated, but also sweet at the same time.”

Fiamma G., facebook

“We've listened to your songs here in the editorial department and we love them!!”

Kevin Allen, Song Revelation

“You’ve got an enchanting voice, and your themes are very beautiful!”

Stealing the Bride, myspace

“It’s magic, magic, magic - in your music, you reflect what you are!!! Unique and wonderful”

Sandra O., facebook

“I love it, Indie, it’s all so beautiful... it will be a total success!”

Yolanda M. B., facebook

“Waterfall will be your big break.... that melody....”

Sandra O., facebook

“Hey Indie, absolutely brilliant and beautiful, I’m your biggest fan now!”

Peter G., facebook

“Hello! I’ve listened to you on myspace and the truth is that your music is very good...”

Didac I., facebook

“Your voice has a lot of character and variety and, first of all, authenticity; but I love the arrangements, they’re very original and well adapted to each title.”

Uli P., facebook