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“You might think the cover art for India Ramey’s new album, “Blood Crescent Moon,” looks cool and creepy, sultry and spooky. And you’d be right. The Birmingham singer-songwriter wanted a Southern Gothic feel for her sophomore record, which spins dark tales of love and loss, defiance and pride. The characters in Ramey’s alt-country songs are full of stormy passions, more likely to throw a dagger than toss a bouquet. “I just wanted to write songs that I wanted to hear,” Ramey says. “As it turns out, I have a really dark taste in music. The majority of the music that I listen to is dark. I’m a big Metallica fan. I Love Neko Case, and she can tell some dark, scary stories.” Ramey’s 2010 debut, “Junkyard Angel,” was far from a sunny romp, with its material about resilient women overcoming hard times. Still, with “Blood Crescent Moon,” Ramey believes her true voice is starting to emerge. “I wanted to test my storytelling skills,” she says.”

“Is India Ramey, a Birmingham singer-songwriter, the next Emmylou Harris? Only time will tell, but Ramey’s original music combines elements the Red Dirt Girl would applaud: country, folk, bluegrass and blues. Ramey’s dominant theme -- a woman overcoming adversity and heartache -- is powerfully expressed in her debut record, 2010’s “Junkyard Angel.””

“India Ramey has been nominated for Best Country Song in the Independent Music Awards!”

“Ramey’s performance of an original tune, “Junkyard Angel,” took first place here during an early round for “The Songwriters,” a competition that travels to music stores across the United States.”

“Coming from a family of bluegrass and gospel music, India Ramey knows a thing or two about writing a good ol’ country song. She was raised in a family of musicians and grew up listening to everything from Willie Nelson to the Ramones. As Ramey became more interested in music, she began performing publicly. Her latest album “Junkyard Angel” is an autobiographical look at love, turmoil and overcoming adversity.”

“India Ramey featured in Birmingham Arts and Music Festival Showcase”

“Her debut album Junkyard Angel which was co-arranged and produced by local musician William Barnes, is country with heavy folk, bluegrass and blues overtones. With strong booming, wide range vocals that lean toward the pop-country side and dark lyrics filled with irony and sarcasm that have an alt-country vibe, comes a unique blend of music that sets her apart from others in the genre.”

“India Singing at Ona's Music Room on Daytime Alabama NBC 13”

“India Ramey on the cover of B Metro”

“ Ramey, who sings and plays guitar by ear, says her late grandfather never could understand her reluctance to read music or learn about the shape-note tradition. Chances are, though, he’d be beaming at the sound of "Junkyard Angel," released in October and dedicated to his memory. Country, folk, blues and bluegrass influences are evident on the 15-track disc, and the majority of the songs (including one about Turner’s courtship with Ramey’s grandmother, "Red Headed Girl") are Ramey originals. ”