InDaze / Press

"..InDaze brings to life one of the more collaborative and eclectic live shows you’ll ever find in the Big Apple – a fusion of culture, music and personalities – this group of friends brings a collection of influences we’ve yet to hear in our 1200+ sets of XXQs on our site."

"InDaze has been crafting some wicked head-boppin’, blunt-smokin’ reggae tunes..."

“The New York-based band...brings out a stage full of horns and musicians from around the world, all there for one purpose: to play Reggae.”

“In a city over-saturated with variations of rock and roll and hip-hop, the cultural genre of reggae often surprises concertgoers at their first InDaze show.”

"InDaze's first single, "Equidistant" opens with a solid brass rhythm and a barrage of horns. The song is a journey which gives balance in all aspects of life, and at the end of the day, soul is what Reggae is about."

“...Guitars, brass, percussion and of course a sublime understanding of articulate wordplay...”

“...high energy party music, powerful vocals alive with personality..., and pop gems of the reggae variety liberally sprinkled with crowd-pleasing rock breakdowns.”

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