InCircles / Press

"The chills didn't stop for their 40 minute set. Punk has always been a tricky one for me. I've been seduced by the raw aggression and passion that is at its core and yet its lack of melody, in the vocals particularly, fails to get me in bed. InCircles touched all the right places.”

"There’s a refreshing taste of Ramones-like infantilism in “(Let Go Of) The Goddamn Bicycle”; for those with a taste for pop-song hooks, there’s “As Above, So Below”, which couples a Black Flag-like beat to a crafty melody and a brusque but slyly skillful arrangement. The album accomplishes the neat trick of sounding current while staying true to punk’s original DIY ethos. Sonically, it could fit right in alongside vintage records by The Clash and the Dead Kennedys”

Dan Koontz - Dan's Papers