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"Whether or not you’ve heard of the band In Cahoots before today, soon enough you will be blasting their exquisite tunes in your headphones, car speakers, and at home on your sound system. That is, if you aren’t doing so already. The musicians whose art I worship can break my heart when they treat their fans poorly, but when speaking to Christina Cramer, I knew she’d never do that to her fans. I was immediately put at ease because of her friendly, sweet disposition. I had a fan girl moment when talking to her about her song, “Borrowed Time,” and she didn’t laugh at me. She was as kind and gracious as could be. These are the traits of a truly wonderful artist." Alexandra Auger/ Sacramento 365

Alexandra Auger - Sacramento 365

“In Cahoots was chosen for KISW's Band of the week!”

“In Cahoots is a four-piece out of Seattle made up of Christina Cramer (vocals, guitars), Rich Huston (bass), Brad Judy (lead guitar) and Dave Crossett (drums). The group plays driving pop rock songs with a strong emphasis on the guitars and melodies. Their self-titled debut is a 7-song release laid out like a mouthwatering tasty sandwich. The first two tracks (“Waiting for You” and “Hollywood”) along with the final two tracks (“Rock & Roll Uniform” and “Got it All”) hold together the best part of the CD with their full throttle guitars mixed with catchy hooks. The meat of this EP is where In Cahoots stretch their legs and really showcase what they are capable of as a band. With its slow arpeggio guitar opening which builds and builds to the peak of the chorus, “Borrowed Time” is the standout track on this release. The infectious vocals of Cramer will be melted in your psyche for days to come. “Triggerheart” is another rollercoaster ride of music and emotion.”

“Watch In Cahoots perform live on Seattle's Q13 Fox morning show”

“Christina Cramer, Rich Huston, Brad Judy and Dave Crossett aka In Cahoots, are the power-pop group that will blow up ya freakin' speakers. They've been making the rounds around town melting people's faces off every show they play and will even be appearing on local station Q13 this coming May. It's been about a year or so since the mixtape last had the chance to chat with In Cahoots, so I figured it was about time to catch up with the band and see what's been going down. Pop rocks and panty talk will happen. That's a promise. Oh, and I challenge In Cahoots to a game of 1980's TV Theme Song Trivia. Bam. In Cahoots self-titled debut EP was recorded at Hey Darlin' studios, produced by Nathan Ackley, and mastered by rock icon Kurt Bloch and was released just this past March. Look for it on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com and various other places that know from good music. Check the chat below...”

“In Cahoots performing live on Q13 Fox Television!”

“Christina Cramer has been playing the Seattle scene for a little while now and was kind enough to stop by the mixtape to chat it up and play some really great tunes. Listen to the interview here! She's just put together a full band called In Cahoots and is so very stoked to have a handful of shows coming up around town. Here's a little bit about In Cahoots... 'The Seattle band In Cahoots meanders between crushing guitar riffs, downtempo melodies, and attention grabbing vocals with ease...the end product being songs that will get stuck in your head for days.' So true. Visit the bands myspace page here and buy Christina Cramers debut EP here. Make sure to catch her this Saturday when she rocks out at Slims and next Tuesday March 2nd when she hits up Studio Seven!”

“PRESS: "Frontwoman Christina Cramer—a former vocal coach at Seattle’s Rock School—has a big, bursting rock voice that’s more Carrie Akre than Courtney Love, but the six songs on In Cahoots’ latest LP play like a mix of both put together: part indie, part radio rock." Dave Lake/Seattle Weekly”

Dave Lake - Seattle Weekly

“ "I have literally been listening to In Cahoots on repeat for the past day and a half. In Cahoots has an elegant blend of some of my favorite things. For starters, the harmony in their songs in incredibly unique. It’s not your typical harmony – it’s better. The notes they choose to blend aren’t typical and for whatever reason sounds so incredible to me. I’ve never quite heard a band sound like that before." Marsband.com”

Mars band

"In Cahoots’ lead singer Christina Cramer’s voice is reminiscent of 80’s rock. At least, all that is good about it. Put simply, her voice wails. The first song on their most recent EP, Boxed Wine Country, has her singing over hard-hitting bass and drums and a distorted electric guitar rhythms. There is an edge to her voice one doesn’t often hear, especially in the more pervasive indie compositions of today. “ Jake Uitti, The Monarch Review

Jake Uitti - Monarch Review

"The feisty quartet is lead by guitar wielding chanteuse Christina Crammer who is a vigilant disciple of Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry, tossing out soaring vocals, with just the right mix of vixen and venom. Her clever songwriting skills are bolstered by the powerful playing of bassist Rich Huston, surgical shredding from Brad Judy on lead guitar and the unstoppable energizer bunny drumming of Dave Crossett. The songs are a mixture of old school punk and classic rock riffage setting up sing along choruses over time shifting rhythms." Rick Bowen, Examiner.com

Rick Bowen - Examiner.com