Inbar Bakal / Press

“It’s clear from Bakal's debut album that she has star-power”

NY Blueprint

“'Song of Songs' is Rich, Layered and Complex and has everything to do with what Bakal truly is”

Kadmus Arts

“The Soul voice can be heard... 'Song of Songs' is deeply spiritual but post modern recording that bears Bakal's soul; lush and ethereal with esteem production, The album is a shinning example of all killer no filler”

World Beat Canada

“Bakal brings a welcome freshness to the World Music scene. She has a smooth vocal quality that is ethereal and immediately recognizable”

Klezmer Blog

“After listening to "Song Of Songs", you can't help believing those emotions are so rarified they have to be a gift from some higher power or another”

Blogcritics Music

“She one-ups Mona Lisa in walking an emotional fence with a combination of resignation and resilience, faith and humor”

Hardie K - Thailand to Timbuktu

“With "Song of Songs" Inbar gives us a fresh voice and a rich musical palette that invigorates centuries of culture for the ears of today”

“A beguiling new talent enhanced by the production smarts of Carmen Rizzo. ”

“Bakal, a star in waiting imagine her music reach a multicultural audience, a world of listeners who don't care about racial, ethnic or religious barriers”