In Air / Press

“Consider them three valiant crusaders on a musical odyssey in search of the sound that provides the best platform for them to bare their souls. We’re talking about In Air, an alt-rock band whose rich, soulful sound, beautifully structured compositions and precise execution set them apart from other Green Day and Nickleback wannabes.”

"We'd like to describe In Air in our words, but their description of themselves pretty much drives it home: "It is alternative. It is pop. It is contemporary. It has groove. It has melody, It has what this new musical landscape has been lacking, integrity."

"In Air is difficult to compare with other bands of today, because they are so unique and unlike their first album, they don't sound like anyone. However, their sound is without a doubt is Rock rooted, bordering on Alternative Pop. A safe and with a not so close comparison, they could easily squeeze in line with artists like Alex Clare, Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, Of Monsters And Men, and Passion Pit. While some of these aforementioned artists sound more like a grouping of "hipster" indie bands, they are the quintessential representation of today's rock music, In Air definitely has a place among them."

Mike Jayy, Program Director, KGUP 106.5FM - The Emerge Radio Networks

“When a song hits you square in the chest and takes your breath away, do you ever stop to ask yourself, "how did that happen?" When moved by the power and strength of the lyrics as they are set in the music, like a precious gem in a perfect setting, the mark left on our conjured thoughts and recollections is indelible. This is the amazing ability of the band, Nobody Gets Killed. ”

"Beautiful, intense, well written and arranged!"

““Simple Modernistic Groove!” ”

“With their innate mastery of syncing beats, soulful refrains, and perceptive scoring, they deliver again and again. Each song stands on its own as a story to be understood by each individual while maintaining an incredible power to touch not just one person or emotion; but, many. ”

“The sound of a emotional melodic extravaganza”

““Mo’s voice is spectacular yet he has a haunting voice that gives me a chill. Not many artists have the ability to do that.” Podcast & interview @ greatunknownspresents.com!”

““Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Song, Great Mix!” ”

““Haunting vocals reminiscent of Alice in Chains and intense, weeping guitars take the listener for a ride into a dark world that seems never ending.” -”

“The "IN" show had the pleasure of interviewing NGK about their music, their newly released CD (titled "Just a Seed"), and their plans for the future. Take the journey to experience their world; and, though the trip may seem arduous, be assured it is safe because.....Nobody Gets Killed.”

““Great Music to listen on the road or at home"”