“A story being told behind a black metal backdrop laced with mid tempos and blast beats that have such ferocity (does this guy have a 3rd leg?),odd time signatures,bottom end that kills and kills again,fretboard gymnastics,and vocals that spew forth black pitch.I have never reached it until now and to surpass it remains to be seen ( high ratings) but im confident that Imperial Conquest are on their way to Omnipotence. 95/100”

“Symphonic black metal from Tampa, FL, Imperial Conquest has released an aggressive and powerful seven-track EP... Imperial Conquest’s enormous potential shines through brighter than a burning church on a blackened night.”

“you’re treated to some gritty and anger-filled vocals and amazingly good guitar work… and there’s also some pretty insane drumming to boot! The album contains it’s fair share of tempo changes, so you’re never left feeling bored.Every element of this album has been put together with such precision that it’s near-impossible not to be blown away.”

“Formed out of the ashes of Perpetual (Puerto Rican Metal band), Imperial Conquest the Floridian Blackened Death Metal quintet hailing from Tampa and Jacksonville, unite to deliver their sophomore EP 'Omnipotence' which takes on the softer form of Behemoth but add melodies to their compositions to master a new form of hearing assault and are here to prove that Floridians can just be as brutal when it comes to Blackened Death Metal, so for all time sake drop your guns, this is the beginning of the Imperial Conquest. [8.5] RHYS STEVENSON”

“Hyper fast drumming with wild shredding that flows into a mid paced part where the lyrics begin to tell the story. Twin guitars that pour out addictive melodies. These kind of melodies are a key on "Omnipotence" and soon you will start humming them as if you are playing the riffs yourself. A black metal story with catchy and melodic hooks, freaky twists and a nice balance between blasts and slower passages. I have been playing this album the whole day now and still it sounds attractive. A very nice step for Imperial Conquest and hope their conqueror will sit on his throne a long time ”

“Su historia se basa en un Black Metal melódico con tintes Death, estando a veces entre la frontera de uno u otro estilo. Tanto nos podemos encontrar con fragmentos orquestales, épicos y sinfónicos, como en la intro inicial, hasta momentos rapidísimos alternados con medios tiempos y unas voces Black chillonas, excelentes melodías de guitarras y bases de teclados...además de unas melodías algo barrocas alucinantes.”Omnipotence”, rápido y potente, pero dándole un poco más de importancia a los medios tiempos, se podría decir que es uno de los cortes más elaborados. Un trabajo autoproducido de Melodic Black/ Death, donde no te aburrirás ni un instante. Veremos si en un futuro algún sello de los gordos se hace con los servicios de IMPERIAL CONQUEST, y nos acaban de sorprender con su genial Melodic Black/ Death Metal.”

“Pretty good and intense stuff, well produced too. ”

Tomasz & Pagan Records - Promo Pakcage

“Their debut EP "The Victorious Arise" has been threatening to destroy my speakers since the day I got it.. Yeah, Its that fucking good! We caught up with them as they are preparing to record a highly anticipated second release "Omnipotence" Read their words.. Listen to their music! ”

“Vocals that are tailor-made for black metal singing and screaming, they reign over every song like a masterfully skilled general leading an invasion. The guitars are its soldiers, setting a mood of epic battles, but never technical.. The mortal blow to the enemy is the drums.”