The Impatients / Press

“Lennon's Heir Very nice - came out of the minor key into a powerful major drive. If Lennon were still around, he'd being doing something like this. Very creative without getting corny. I love the change coming out of the excitement at about 2:00 min.”

“Buzz The happiness, anger, sadness and hope that reverberate through the track make this one of the most compelling rock songs of recent years, a brutally honest depiction of life at the bottom and the climb back up.”

“5 stars!!! Wow... What a great song!! I'm absolutely loving the vibe and the sound you've got from the guitars! Very cool. The vocals have a very dry and almost Bob Dylan like. All in all, really cool song. I honestly cant think of anything to crit you on. Brilliantly done!!”

“Absolutely excellent! Sparkling jangly guitar pop! Wow, cool -- groovy jangly melodic guitar pop, definitely some Kinks in there, and maybe Robyn Hitchcock? Byrds too. Melodic, authentic, brilliant!”