Immortal Dominion / Press

“Fort Collins’ heavy metal badasses Immortal Dominion are back with a new and diverse release, Primortal. With producer Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damageplan) backing them up, Primortal is a gem of good music production and a showcase of Immortal Dominion’s metal abilities. From deeply melodic phrases to machine-gun double-kick heaviness, straight rock vocals to the anger driven growls, the musical ideas of Primortal are vast and well executed. ”

“Is it worth National/Mainstream Exposure? The band I’m asking that question to is Immortal Dominion. ID hails from Colorado (isn’t that where Coors comes from?) and consists of Ray Smith (vocals), Brian Villers (guitar/vocals), Louis Micciullo (guitar), Bryan Schmidt (bass), with Casey Glass (drums). They have a new album dropping on March 22nd Read the rest here: http://www.welovemetal.com/newsite/wordpress/?p=2074”