Immoralis / Press

“Without a doubt possibly the most exciting new band to emerge from the American abyss all year, forging a sound that circulates around symphonies, orchestral pieces, Death Metal and Metalcore, Immoralis' premier album 'The Great Collapse' is the sound that everyone must hear. From start to finish, the emphatic symphonic backdrops that cascade like waterfalls on top of the jagged bedrock of Death Metal / Metalcore vocals, set the tone for the riffs to crash against, whilst the drums deliver the final face-punch that will enable Immoralis to gain well earned international attention from this teutonic masterpiece. So what happens when elegance, brutality and six algorithmic minds come together? Simple, total apocalyptic musical mayhem, enter Immoralis and their own stance on metal... dubbed 'Symphonic Orchestral Deathcore'.”

"Minneapolis’ Immoralis have taken metalcore in a new direction on The Great Collapse. They have integrated textures, harmonies, and orchestration, and the sound is nothing short of amazing! They combine more of an actual hardcore feel with, dare I say, Evanescence-like flourishes. It sounds weird, but it really works."

“From: Minneapolis, MN Genre: Metal/Orchestral DeathCore Immoralis Reverbnation Official Facebook What could you say about this band? What can you not say about them is a better question. After listening to Immoralis I must say graciously, are talented individuals, that are killer together as a band. I was damned impressed with their sound, arrangements, overlays, groove and etiquette in this case. Orchestras as neat and proper as they are, Immorials just took the Orchestra to real fucking proper. Laying it down, converting the popular sit down for your listening pleasure to get the hell up and tear shit up for your enjoyment and self replication of mass energy – exploding through your senses. These guys and gals are very compassionate and dedicated to their love of music and instruments. Skillfully tracked and harmonious badassery. Immoralis is well on their way to becoming well known across the land and stamping their mark in the metal music world. Most definitely add this band to”