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“A wonderful piece of music that is well composed and a song that is well written with amazing harmonies and a great melody that is all pieced together really well in to a truly amazing song that will serve well as a hit in todays market. Well sung lyrics and great vocals that are well placed together as well as lyrics that have sense and understanding surrounding them. A truly inspirational song that serves the singers well today. I would love to hear more music from this band as if all there music is similar to this then they could have huge success with an album and set the charts on fire.”

Soundout Music Reporter

“18-Aug-2012 12:20 This song is very in depth and has mean full lyrics, has a good beat, the wrapping style is very nice, isn't too fast, so you can understand every word of the song it self, over all good singer, good song. i enjoyed it my self i think this song as a lot of potential , could well reach high i the uk top 20 , it also has a catchy tune , this song should be out on the charts now i reckon!.”

Soundout Music Reporter

“18-Aug-2012 12:50 I could see this song playing on the radio with a little bit of work. It's got a good flowing feel throught the track and the rappers are not frowned out by the music behind them. The vocals in the chorus need a little more energy but I think the track is very lyrically solid. It does have a very 90's feel but I could see this song breaking into the charts. Good Song!”