ilyAIMY / Press

"An acoustic attack, an explosion of percussion, joined with powerful, haunting vocals ... Live, Lloyd pounded on the djembe, belted out songs ... All this while seated with a bad leg (she came in on crutches). I can't imagine how dynamic she is when her mobility is not limited."

exurbanexile blog

"… well crafted, thoughtful songs, a percussive tumult … the landscape created allows a hair-trigger vocal/lyrical integrity that you'll only hear here. So listen."

Mike Jurkovic - the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"ilyAIMY ain't your grandpa's folk music… fearless writers and performers… Voices this rich and emotionally hard-hitting - equal parts velvet darkness, barely contained heartbreak, and hard-won, unstoppable joy - don't come around often.”

Pat Wictor - Brother Sun

““[ilyAIMY is] part of the folk community & play acoustic folk instruments but ilyAIMY is really a rock band… You feel you are in the midst of a primeval jungle with dangerous creatures hiding behind every tree. Everything is irregular, filled with syncopation & dissonance… This is not lack of craft… but an essential part of the music; it creates tension and excitement.””

Gordon Nash - Wise Madness

"Lloyd's voice has a powerful emotional & technical range, using everything from a delicate whisper to a bluesy growl to breathe life into the folk narratives ... Jones [cello] ... found sonic spaces within the songs that I didn't know existed & nestled right in, whether she was plucking out a bassline or using a bow to coax out a solo… And then there's Hinkal, whose playing technique ... it's something like a cross between finger-picking and slap-bass — on speed."

The Morning Call (PA)

"What [ilyAIMY] brings to music is passion & innovative guitar playing... There is a subtlety about their music that counteracts the rushed, fast-paced timing & lyrics of their songs."

Encore Magazine (NC)

"ilyAIMY are insanely good ... It's the sound of someone about to break down in tears or start a fight… everything emo wishes it could be, [but]... far more powerful, unsettling, emotional & brilliant…"

Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

"This band personifies why we go to see live shows. Energy, humor, highly adept musicians, this is the real deal. I give em a 5 1/2 on a scale of 1-5."

Dave Eisner - owner - Institute of Musical Traditions

“[ilyAIMY brings] incredible energy to every stage they hit playing folk at hyperspeed whilst spitting out serious multi-syllabic slam poetry in perfect harmony but on A Gift For St Cecilia they sing some of the most passionate & poetic ballads of the year. Watch this group.”

"ilyAIMY's 2007 independent release 'Between Lover & Twilight'... is simply elegant stuff... all about heart-felt music and love"

"A churning, percussive acoustic guitar attack that flows, ebbs and builds back on itself. The loose-limbed song structures have a definitive jam band feel ... Versatile sonics, nice boy/girl harmonies and fleshed-out arrangements make ilyAIMY (I love you and I miss you)a surprising treat."

CP - Independent Weekly (Durham, NC)

"There's an urgency apparent in the way they sing together, between rob's distinctive annunciation and Heather's angelic back-up credences that carry over the lyrics. Pair the vocals with the unbelievable percussive playing style, and there's a lot to listen to from this duo."

"A bone-rattling acoustic act... with driving lyrical force, then male/female harmonies that lock in, lift, drop and pull ... And then they slow it down and rip you open."

Jake Stephens - On Tap Magazine

“Percussive, rhythmically driven guitar that freely composites fingerpicking, classical melodies, running bass lines, harmonics, and hard-charging chords. [Rob's] vocals are needled and gaunt, with the jittery energy of a dockyard stray on speed...”


"[They] don't look like an obvious duo. She is a pint-sized powerhouse of a singer ... [He] looks more the traditional folk singer, with intense expression ... But when they play together their fingers move so fast that, like hummingbird wings, they blur."

Laura Boswell - The Washington Times

"A welcome jolt in a stream of otherwise sedate coffeehouse folkies."

W. David Work - The Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

“Be proud, be very, very proud to know that ilyAIMY is a Maryland-based, out of this world band...the type of performances that will crawl all over your train of thought and have you thinking of nothing but those moments...”

Ashraf Dawod - The Prince George's Community College Owl

“Watching... ilyAIMY perform is like watching fish swim, horses run, spiders weave or birds fly. When they are playing together [they] give the impression being totally in their element, doing what just they were made to do.”