Play Date / Press

"There's always been a strong sense of self- discovery and independence in good kids' music, and Play Date's debut album Imagination has that for the punk rocker in training."

“If you can imagine gathering up the playful sound of childhood just to watch it glow in a big glass jar, you have an idea of what Imagination sounds like. This album is a celebration of childhood imagination where kids are encouraged to get up, get out and enjoy the day. ”

"Play Date release an entire album filled with upbeat music geared towards kids and fun for the whole family!"

"[Play Date's Imagination] is Chock full of kooky sounds and warm harmonies"

"Fortunately there's relief in the world of children's music with bands like Play Date"

“Imagination by Play Date is fantastic kids music that will make your own indie-music-loving soul happy!”

"[Play Date] is creating music for the children of punk parents that everyone can get into."

“Imagination, is targeted at kids of all ages and filled with empowering messages and undiluted fun. ”

"Play Date began with the single "Dance Like a Monster," in which a driving bass got the kids moving and beckoned the children to dance"

“Except for the song titles (The Number Song, Dance Like a Monster) you might not even realize that they are songs for kids. “Imagination” could be the new single by The Submarines or Sara Radle!”

"it’s getting easier to find good children’s music, with bands like Play Date"

“The project [Play Date] makes fun, upbeat music that is also educational.”