Illusion Of Self / Press

“San Francisco based Illusion of Self has been stirring up the music industry as of late. The band blends the vibe and tones of classic 60's and 70's rock with an aggressive, emotional, feel of the 90's while remaining modern and progressive. Check out the video for Psychosomatic Killer where vocalist/guitarist Frank Salazar makes good use of his Epiphone Sheraton-II. For more information visit facebook.com/illusionofselfsf.”

“Bay Area’s Illusion of Self releases their first music video “Psychosomatic Killer” this week. Illusion of Self is a prog-rock band reflective of the classics like Zepplin and blended with a more modern day sound like the Black Keys. Psychosomatic Killer is off of IOS debut album, Illusion of Self, released earlier this year. It was recorded/mixed at Different Fur with Patrick Brown and bass player, Miles Deiaco. Video Directed by Ekmund Yong. For more upcoming shows/videos go here.”