Illuminus / Press

“When a band comes along that seems to make the much parodied metal genre interesting and three-dimensional, notice should be given. Illuminus are an Auckland three-piece of (principally) vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Aidan Dickens, along with drummer Stephen Pearson and bassist Jon Farquharson. ‘Until the End’ is their debut album, recorded in Melbourne and Auckland, produced, mixed and mastered by the busy Dickens. Typical to many metal albums – it moves between epic rock with crunching guitars (For You) to epic balladry (Dining on Ashes – which features a head-banging mid section with more crunching guitars and string arrangements). The most unexpected parts are the synthesised drumbeats on Ebony, the piano and synthesiser on the surprisingly pop The Lost, and the jangling guitar on Painted. Dickens hasn’t sought to re-invent the metal wheel, but Illuminus have injected some interesting touches that may well broaden this record’s appeal beyond a determined core.”

“Every now and then an album comes along that surprises with its’ fresh sound and bold song writing. Illuminus’ debut album, Until The End, has been the first such surprise of 2012. The band, led by Aidan Dickens, combine elements not usually found together in rock music to craft an interesting sound that engages you from the get go. Instead of focussing on pounding rhythms, show off guitar riffs and in your face vocals, Illuminus blend pianos, electronic elements and more. The resulting sound means that no one member of the band, or instrument, ever feels like they take centre stage so there’s no detracting from the overall sound. Until The End is a professional debut from a band that should win fans with their unique sound.”