ILL Se7en / Press

“Ill Se7en has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, and the carefully cultivated style of the MC is downright fun to witness.Though it may be a lofty comparison, Ill Se7en’s voice and flow evokes fond memories of Big L, with a more palatable message.”

Nicole Cormier - HipHoproll call

“Ill-7- Ill is that guy on stage with the most rhythm and the coolest head. If you see him in the streets, he’s likely in grind mode for his next show appearance but he always has time for kind words and warm hugs. Like a young Mos Def, Ill has a fresh face, dope rhymes and a blindingly bright spirit.”

“Mike Acuña is a hip-hop OG. Better known on stage as ILL Se7en, he's been in the game for more than a decade. The MC got his start as one-half of the group Isolated Generations with Ben "Opt Won" Chavez back in the day, and he continues to collaborate with local MC and visionaries like DJ Cavem and Panama Soweto. He is passionate about the culture behind the music and has grown with his audience while staying true to what he believes. His religious background is only one piece of the puzzle that makes him an intelligent MC and an artist to watch.”