Illphonics / Press

"Even on this short EP (Illusion), the band proves that it can switch gears and dabble in a few different genres, while still maintaining a signature sound."

“The Illphonics' obvious passion for their music is inspiring and refreshing; their appreciation for their craft shines through in the glaring individuality of their style.”

Kristen Schlott - Eleven

"Live-band hip-hop can be a dicey enterprise, but the instrumentalists show enough personality and rhythmic sense while still leaving plenty of space for (emcee) Morris' rhymes."

"Illphonics synthesizes their many influences into a single sound, one that is as unique as it is relatable."

“Illphonics' powerful lyrics and fusion blend of hip-hop, rock, jazz and R&B generated a sound the audience could relate to, no matter what their musical preference.”

"Slick funk, vibrant rock and spitfire hip-hop verses combine on Illphonics' second release, the five-song Illusion EP. This collection is offered as a free download at the band's website (www.illphonics.net), and it's a nice calling card for a band with a clean, developed style."

“Opening the show was the local (quintet), Illphonics, a rap band, and we want to stress the word band, who rocked it hard. With a good-looking, powerful frontman and a great old-school (dare we say classic-rock?) instrumentation, Illphonics is actually doing something different.”

"As a bandleader and emcee, Morris handles the mic with easy charisma and plenty of confidence, especially on the opening track, "Playin' to Win." Bravado is a key element in every hip-hop artist's arsenal, but the Illphonics backs up its boasts with musical chops."