Illphatic / Press

“Hip-hop is a social outreach mechanism, a tool for exposing social injustice, and way of teaching; but, it can also be an escape, and a means of uplifting and motivating. An example of this is the new song, I’ll Be Good ,by GuyDizzy featuring Illphatic and David Yang. It’s a jawn about the good things in life – even when things don’t seem so sunny. The good times vibe is exemplified In the videos use of b-roll that shows the guys cooling out with family and friends. Never stop enjoying the good things. The video was shot at Minneapolis’ urban exclusive gear shop Studiiyo23 by SlightWork Visuals. Give it a spin below!”

“He is showing why he is such a red hot choice for one of many artists most likely to break through. You'll get a much better idea of where he is and where he has come from and certainly what he is capable of. He can be a classic hip hop artist...”