Ikon / Press

“Oh, my—Ikon? Gosh, Gabriel is so beautiful. I've often thought of having his kids but apparently he's with someone much better than me... oh, well! Their music rocks, and who knows? Maybe Brandon will give in to my advances. He's such a ladies man, though! It's hard to get in touch with him. I love you, Ikon!!”

Jessica Alba - USA Today

“I hear the name 'Ikon' being thrown around like 'Justin Bieber' these days, and (at first) considering how much I'd heard it, I thought they were gonna be some Linkin Park wannabe pranksters. Now that I've actually checked them out, I think they are FIRE. I want to live under their genius. Fuck my band; compared to them, 30 Seconds to Mars sounds like Enya or some other gay-ass shit.”

Jared Leto - The Daily Gazette

“More and more I keep hearing about these guys and I don't get it. Some of their stuff is absolute genius but then they go and do something like Electrotribe Hookup which, while good, is rather raunchy and crude. Oh, well, they still kick ass.”

Bradley Cooper - Los Angeles Times

“Puff Daddy sent me an email the other day with a link to these guys' page and I was like, 'Damn, this is pretty fresh music.' And, shit, P. Diddy mentioned them, so they gotta be good.”

50 Cent - New York Times

“These guys are epic. You'll never hear anything quite like it. At times, it makes me think T-Pain had sex with some white chick and had a crazy, Jewish offspring who acquired a few friends with similar musical talent.”

John Brenswick - The Commercial Appeal