Ikkurruz / Press

“This was my first indy, feature-length, b-horror flick, Our Kingdom Come has been released by Knight Entertainment to have my music on. You can purchase it here at Knight Entertainment's store: http://www.knient.com/productions.php or at Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/Our-Kingdom-Come/dp/B000VL3Q5O/ref=dp_return_2/002-3396083-7360846?ie=UTF8&n=130&s=dvd&qid=1189040177&sr=8-1 ”

“This is a indepentdant film I did a song on. It's a great movie and I'm please to have my song on it during a drug deal...lol”

“Horrorcore music is getting a bad rap.”

“Horrorcore rap is like the lyrical version of death metal or a very vivid dark music. The genre was originally considered a fad, just as the hip-hop culture was once considered. But now more than ever, horrorcore is growing and is at the forefront of the Michigan scene. Southgate’s Ikkurruz could be the key ingredient to keep the format fresh. When approached last year by Anybody Killa (ABK) to join his label Native World Inc., he saw the potential to bring music to this fan base. Ikkurruz understands there are no hand- outs in this game. That’s why you see this dude with crazy promotion. Ikkurruz is now working on his fourth album, Dismembered in December, with producer Stir Crazy on the beats. This December, they will bring some hardhittin' horrorcore, just like the kids like it. Ikkurruz comments on negative press about horrorcore: “People fear what they don’t understand. Come to a show and see all the love around, then write your story.” ”

“This week, we have an unbelievable show with everything from trashy, anceint counter culture, something called Ikkyclaus, and diamonds in the rough… if you know what I’m saying. This week we got… * Exclusive interview with Ikkurruz * 2 Ikkurruz tracks including Dismembered Dreams * It’s not too late to submit your design to InkAddict.com for the $500 prize in Contest Contest 2010 * Absinthe, Alleyways and The Men Behind the Curtain (Pre-1930 Edition) * Kid Icarus * Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s “Pretty Lady” * There is still a comment line 313-254-4260 * B-Dab * Real Detroit’s 11th Birthday Party * Steve can talk his way out of anything * More Blue Moon * Lip-Stick * All this and of course more! Click HERE to Download Episode 80 of The Olin Ezra Show: Ikkurruz, Abisnthe and Jennifer Love-Hewitt Ezra the Diamond”