IKE / Press

“John Faye proves he still has some of the best pipes and songwriting instincts in the genre. It is very early in the year, but IKE has set the bar high and is the band to beat for one of the best records of 2010.”

“Haunted by a dissolving relationship (and by actual ghosts during the recording process, apparently), John Faye sounds like a man possessed on IKE's new "Tie the Knot With All That You Got."”

“You may know John Faye as the former frontman of The Caulfields: the Power Pop band who had a major label deal with A&M in the ‘90s and scored a minor hit with Devil’s Diary.. (click link for full article)”

"..pure alternative pop sounds that sing in your head for days."

David Fiorenza - Songwriter's Monthly