I Ignite / Press

“Let me tell you all something…this band is goin’ places. When you first take a listen some of you might be shocked to find that I dig this band. Is it a little bit smoother vocally and a tad more musically polished than what I normally indulge in? Oh, it is without a doubt. But see, here’s the thing. They have an 'IT' factor, that special something that makes you sit up and take notice, whether you’re 15 or 41.”

“All in all, when it comes to punk bands sounding similar and getting stale by the end of the album, I Ignite doesn't do that. That might be partly due to just three songs but they’re three good ones. The music is addictive, the vocals are smooth and have variety and I’m only upset because I have no more to listen to. I guess that’s where the wallet comes into play. I highly suggest a purchase of what I Ignite has. I can turn the volume up to an 8 on these 3 spectacular tunes!”

“Feel good Hard Rock is something difficult to find and to pull off. Bands are typically left as one or the other. I Ignite, hailing from Long Island, has done a solid balancing act, combining elements of Pop Punk and Hard Rock, which results in aggressive guitars and an almost dance-able tune. If they’re able to craft a truly memorable hook and chorus that sticks with the listener, they could become a Warped Tour staple type band.”

“After seeing I Ignite perform, describing them as 'hardcore' is unjust. Yes, they have their heavier songs, but it is equally juxtaposed with some softer ones. For example, 'Stand Alone' tends to be rougher, while 'Without You' starts off the same, but quickly exposes the band's diversity into playing quality rock music that almost anyone can relate to.”

“Just off an intense summer of performing, I Ignite, with their warped tour-flavored AltRock/Hardcore mix, take the stage next. Their staging alone is impressive, but only serves as a backdrop for the very tight, very rehearsed, very good, band. “Loud and fast” would be the best way to describe the show as the band barrels through song after song, all rock for sure, but with definite ADTR flavorings…”

“It's not often that performance lives up to hyperbole, but a listen to the band's new album proves that although the band is somewhat new the seasoned members are as tight and tuneful and, powerful as any area band we've heard this year.”

“Describing themselves as a punk/metal/rock band, these guys not only make these genres proud, but they also put a lot of their own individuality and style into their material which gives their music a fresh new twist. There are a lot of new bands around who tend to follow a crowd, not that this is necessary a bad thing, but when you want music that is unique then you must most definitely check out I Ignite.”