Duane Mark / Press

“Right off the bat, I can't help but love a guy whose web address is ihateduanemark.com. I don't know the man, or if he's despised in his hometown of Victorville, CA (I've never even been there), but none of that really matters once an artist leaves the local bars for the interstate highways. From the look of his recent show dates, Duane Mark is hitting it hard, fresh from completing a national tour. From listening to Friends & Enemies, that's precisely what he needed to do. The recording is a little rough a points (which should be expected over the course of 13 songs), but that's what hitting the road for a series of one night stands is for--tightening up, and running songs up the flagpole to see who salutes 'em. The band tries like heck to raise hell behind him on the uptempo tracks (which dominate the disc), but Duane Mark's best performances come via his slower songs, particularly the duet "Grenades"--the best song on the album... Read the whole review at the link below!”

“The line up was a mix of rockabilly bands but one that stood out the most is Duane Mark. He’s a cross between Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, which in my book is a high compliment. He has a sound that is not quite country mixed with the ballads that rockabilly is known for. His music compliments the sound that Reverend Red has, bringing a fresh sound to the Hi Dive.”