I Have a Bomb! / Press

“First of all, I Have A Bomb is a band (and a darn good one). They just happened to choose a name that no one can mention within a mile of an airport. Just wanna get that out of the way for all of the Feds that are undoubtedly reading this blog post due to some Big Brother-style web alerts that just lit up their desktops. I photographed them on a boat. Well, technically a ship. ”

“I Have A Bomb! blows audience away at Battle of the Bands The fourth time was the charm for I Have a Bomb! on Friday when the band was announced the winner of this year’s Battle of the Bands. ”

“A personal favorite aspect of their live show is their ability to inject light hearted humor within lyrics and breaks between tunes, all while maintaining an impressive energy and poise.”

Anthony Juehne - McKendree Review