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The logo above if... shows three lines these are Orlanthi Rune Symbols for Harmony (see illustration)

The Wave, Rune of Plots

Affiliated with the Realm of Autumn

Queros is the rune of schemes and influence. It embodies the concept of enacting change at a distance, of exerting influence over others. It is the rock dropped into the still pond that causes ripples to spread and multiply. It is the wave that begins small but gathers speed and strength as it rolls toward the shore and sweeps all before it. Schemes are like a handful of gravel whose ripples merge and change the surface of the water. seeds that now grow and tangle together. It is a subtle and indirect rune, capable of working profound change through tiny actions. Only the clever and vigilant can hope to master it, for Queros tends towards complexity for its own sake.

Sometimes Queros is called the Hood and is named the Rune of Conspiracy. It is evoked when a group comes together to make plans for the future. It is also rarely called the Echo, the remnant of sound that lasts after the word is spoken or the deed is done.

Queros also has a strong association with subtle creatures, including dragons). In legend, a dragon’s schemes can be turned against them, much as a serpent’s venom can be turned against itself.
Using Queros in magic

Queros is evoked with magic that is intended to have far-reaching effect. It is used to set in motion changes or effects that then gain strength and multiply by themselves. It is also a rune that is used to allow individuals to combine their influence or strength towards some end, binding people together in pursuit of a goal.
Crafting with Queros

It is not commonly worn openly, but conspirators may wear it on a hidden article that represents their commitment to their conspiracy. More often it is worn by a group of individuals who wish to declare their united will to the world.
It is the twisting path among the briars, the quiet trod in the dark woods. Easy to surprise others on, easy also to become lost.

if...UK began life in SAM Studios Backfields Place Stokes Croft Bristol in January 1990 where Steve Street, Andy Fox, Julia Rumbelow and Martin/Merv Woolford previously ran their Recording Studio. In response to their first Demo Tape (recorded @ WhiteHouse Studios Kew Stoke Bristol) the band secured a 'Residency' @ Mr Popes Frog Lane Bristol - rehearsing in the basement there situated below Park Street in the old Wine Cellar. Their 'Banner' was created from material supplied by Cameron Balloons and the artwork was created by Jonathon Campbell Mills using the Celtic Rune for Harmony as his template. Every week if...uk played to packed audiences in Bristol, Bath and London. They refused to play covers citing that for example (as Pete would say) "they dont play ours so we're not playing theirs..." Although for Weddings, Funerals and barmitzvahs they would relent and do a version relevant to the gig... (Cab n Sue's wedding being a case in point)
Pete DeafboyOne - We have a voice. You just can't hear it...

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Band Members
DeafboyOne - Vocals/Electric Guitar, Rod Willner - Drums, Dave Mowbray - Engineer, Jon Mills - Multi-Instrumentalist, Steve Thomas - Engineer, Cindy Stratton - Vocals, Iain Ferguson - Drums, Craig G Williams - Bass, Chris Selway - Bass, Gary Timmis - Bass, John Bishop - Drums, DeafboyOne - Vocals/Guitar, DeafboyOne - Vocals/Electric Guitar, DeafboyOne - Vocals, DeafboyOne - Vocals/Guitar, DeafboyOne - Vocals/Guitar, DeafboyOne - Vocals/Guitar
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Experimental / Alternative / Rock

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Bath, BAS, UK

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