If Not For Dreaming / Press

“When I received the music from If Not For Dreaming via email, it was like someone left a candy bar on my desk...Check out the songs "Three Weeks" or "Joyous Rush" for an idea of what I mean...In any case, If Not For Dreaming is a winner.”

“It is precisely this knack for putting warmth and brightness to lush music that make If Not for Dreaming such a remarkable band – and I am very long overdue in sharing how impressed I am with their music. ”

"With a sound that covers many genres, from Pop to Rock, to Folk and a hint of ambient, Amity Wahl and Pasquale Russo bring you to a world that is deeply and richly layered in sound and feelings."

"this month’s collection of tunage is sure to provide nothing short of sweltering hotness and humid atmospheres a la the East Coast’s finest indie female musicians."

"...the songs are composed and arranged with finesse and great attention to both detail and mood-setting.

"extremely catchy riffs, addictive melodies and smart lyrics."

"terrific alternative rock from a terrific band! "