IDSFA / Press

“You guys are too big for Vegas, you need to be out on tour”

Paul Young (former Megadeth Guitarist) at the Vegas Rocks Music Awards

“Thank you for thinking of us. I like your stuff, but it's just not a fit. The owner is very particular about the types of music we book, and it's just too metal”

email reply to our booking inquiry at the double down saloon - Double Down Saloon

“On may 19Th, IDSFA came to the Cheyenne Saloon with their unique, one of a kind show. Their live performance is the equivalent of Alice Cooper meets The Blue Man Group. It's Punk meets Metal. It's something that you will never forget. Once you've seen this show, you will never forget the name IDSFA! Expect great things from these guys as their stage show gets bigger and crazier. "Vegas Rocks Magazine" June 2011 issue”

Justin K. - Vegas Rocks

“The band members of IDSFA come from some wildly different backgrounds, yet their styles mesh seamlessly with a hard, gritty edge into songs with lyrics to which I'm sure everyone can relate. Great songs about revenge, getting screwed over, and even zombies! "The Hand" is a great pick to represent the band, and their other songs, like "Asshole," "Two Cops," "War With Myself," and more, just make you feel like searching out and punching that douchebag who threw you under the bus or stabbed you in the back.”