Idlewild South / Press

“IDLEWILD SOUTH, The Ultimate Allman Brothers Band Tribute, is led by Don Eason, keyboardist and vocalist, a veteran musician who lays down the smoothest of sounds on the legendary Hammond B3 organ. A duo of drummers, including Robert Kintner and John Flowers, providing a massive foundation for this band with syncopated beats and evolving rhythms. Bass guitarist Tim Smith rounds out the rhythm section with an "in the pocket" playing style that easily allows this band to explore the deepest of grooves. Guitarist Dave George slides in on his six strings with solid rhythms, unique riffs, and leads so melodic they warp time and space! Up front is lead guitarist and lead vocalist Pete Waggoner. If you’d like to book IDLEWILD SOUTH-The Ultimate Allman Brothers Band Tribute for a show, please contact Don Eason by phone at 919.593.3522, e-mail to: allmanbrothers1969@gmail.com , or tobaccoroadrock@hotmail.com”