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“If there is a quintessentially Coloradan kind of music, it is a style that favors an earthy authenticity and employs traditional instrumentation, especially bluegrass and country strings, but expands on the usual use and swaps an Appalachian conservatism for a Rocky Mountain high... "Americana" is the term people reach for to encompass this unwieldy category. Think of Elephant Revival and Paper Bird. Idlewhile rests somewhere nearby. Harmonies by Collazo and Phoenix, who front the band, are the sweet spots of their music. They have a fiddle player, Miguel Ramos, and an upright bassist, Paul Tedesco, as well as a banjo player, Matt Lawlor, and a mandolinist, Chad Granoff. The same personnel could make a bluegrass band, but instead they wield electric guitars, and Lawlor mainly plays drums. They're richly acoustic on one hand, seductively rock on the other.”

“There's something both sweet and sad about listening to Idlewhile for the first time. It might not be immediately clear why the six-piece Longmont band conveys that same feeling...so heartwarming, yet so heartbreaking...but it listen a little more and it becomes more evident. It's pretty easy to check them out for yourself.... Idlewhile has been playing all over Colorado since the band formed in May 2010.... Next up for Idlewhile is a featured spot on Boulder's own Adventure Records Cuvee 7 compilation, among other local talent including The Yawpers, SuperCollider, Tommy & The Tangerines, Dechen Hawk, Mr. Anonymous and more. ”

“(Idlewhile Band's) Collazo, a singer whose voice has the sweet, dark flavor of grape jelly, is no doubt herself the object of many musical crushes. Listeners are at a disadvantage when confronted with Collazo, a musical technician who's attuned to minute adjustments that can enchant or deflate a passage and who pays meticulous attention to the way each line comes out...Sweet surrender.”

“Video Interview with Quentin Young: http://bcove.me/3gx0xcn0”

“Idlewhile really is turning into an idyllic rock band. The kinda music that just makes you want to go jump in a car and just fucking drive man...”

Landon Gow - folk singer/songwriter

“It’s official. Delicious microbrews aren’t the only things on tap in local tap rooms anymore...I caught the sweet sounds of local bluegrass/country and pop infused folk band, Idlewhile, at the Left Hand Brewing Tap Room—which paired with a Sawtooth Ale, straight from the source, made for an excellent start to my Saturday evening.”