Idiosyncracy / Press

“Have you ever felt like you were lost in a demented playground set in the fifties? Or have you ever taken a tab of acid in a graveyard just to see what happens? Or have you ever felt like going hellbent down highway 46 in a silver Porsche 550 Spyder? If you have, it would have been none other than the Central Coast’s own Idiosyncracy providing the soundtrack to your demise, with their eerie guitars, pummeling bass lines, and fast paced drums, as you crash head on into a diesel truck. Formed in early 2007, Idiosyncracy has had their fair share of troubles, as every band has, but this progressive Psychobilly band continues to get better and better with time and the occasional lineup change. Lynt Magazine recently sat in on a practice session with the band, as they were cranking out new tunes to go into the studio with, to find out what their music is all about....”