“Kudos on the songwriting, especially all the tasty twists and turns you drop in there without making it weird but keeps it interesting. The solos are all relevant, no wanking here. I especially like the way you *weave* them into the song: you take a song twist and just run with it, then twist it back in. I'm not sure I've heard that slick trick before. Seriously, good stuff.”

“The guys play an excellent blend of Prog-Rock, Psych Rock and Space Rock but mix in some really cool vibes of Doom and Stoner music in loud outbursts of their music. This is a very multi-layered release and has a lot of things going on across a whole range of genres. The musicianship is outstanding on this release, with some really great vocals as well. This is one album worth listening to time and time again. So a great release by a really cool band. Highly recommended and be prepared to have your mind taken to another galaxy. ”

“These genre-benders have a touch of progressive rock in their blend, and they have taste enough to remove all that is superfluous about prog rock and keep all the functional, good parts The songs are usually centered around “central riffs” and usually lead to spacey, bluesy, psychedelic passages and drawn-out solos that lull you in; along with quirky bass lines and quite delicious drumming. Add to that the fact that the lyrics always tell self-contained little stories, and you’ve got a winning combination. “Black Hole Transmissions” is an instant and as-of-yet underrated classic. Yeah, THAT good. Get it, buy it, listen to it, stream it, steal it, whatever you do, acquire and listen to this album. It’s 9.9/10, and that’s me restraining myself. ”

“Asbury Park-based Ideosphere rocks like it's 1975 - even if they've been on the local scene since 2002.”