Iconocaust / Press

“Iconocaust, Excidium De Gratia (Self-released). Iconocaust trades in the kind of metal forged in Gothenburg, Sweden, and made famous in this country by bands like Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage. On Excidium De Gratia, the outfit delivers an airtight four-song EP of fleet-fingered riffs, rhythms that bludgeon with relentless ferocity and melodies that mesmerize, setting the stage for great things to come. — Herrera”

“Iconocaust blends the brutality of Misery Index with the vocal delivery of San Diego's Cattle Decapitation. The band offers a brilliant display of brutality coupled with ripping full speed ahead death metal.... Interestingly enough the band brings the clean chorusing of genre giants Metallica and Trivium, bringing this whole death metal offering full force as not just another extreme metal band, but something much much more. Hails!”

“(Iconocaust) are one of Colorado's premiere purveyors of brutality and originality in all things Metal, and if ever a band existed for the devil horns we all raise, Iconocaust is it.”

“Melodic brutality reinforced by originality.”

“Veterans of the music scene, Iconocaust has been tearing unsuspecting music fans’ faces off with their immensely brutal, yet masterfully orchestrated, brand of melodic metal...”