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“Armed with the Nuggets collection and an off-color, multilingual pun that would make James Joyce jealous, I Ching Gatos have crafted a Mysterious Mess. Guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Sanchez assures “I’m OK, I’m just in a whole lot of pain,” before enumerating a laundry list of modern-day bellyaches. While most of the album’s songs conclude with exuberantly loud and sloppy guitar solos (think “Cortez the Killer” working against a shot clock) this one fades into an ambient haze. “White Flour Tortillas” follows with what at first seems to be a goofy, one-note joke but ends up as a commentary on culture loss. “Nothing but Money” and “It’s Not in the Medicine” seem too excessively, unselfconsciously awesome to’ve been released anytime after 1979, but “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “Suicide Bomber” offer a one-two punch of current-ish political rhetoric that’d be easier to take seriously if it didn’t sound like the band wer”

Jeremy Martin - The San Antonio Current

“Since the early '90s, I Ching Gatos, have been making quirky, rhythmic, clever rock 'n' roll. Pioneers on the Alamo Town alt-rock scene and regulars at Taco Land, the Gatos, never fail to rock with imagination. Saturday at 7 p.m., I Ching Gatos will celebrate the release of a new CD, “Mysterious Mess,” in L.A. David's Arte Cosmico Studio in the Gallista Gallery, 1913 S. Flores St. That's fitting because L.A. David, the Chief Burro, offered up one of his paintings, “Panic Attack,” for the “Mysterious Mess” cover art. Other L.A. David work graces the CD's inner panels. The original artwork will be on display. “Mysterious Mess” features the live show hit, “White Flour Tortillas,” penned by Joe Sanchez and Mike Phelan, and its classic line “not like an Uzi but just as dangerous”; “Bongo Joe,” “Tequila Mockingbird” and others that scream “San Antone to the bone.””

Jim Beal, Jr. - The San Antonio Express-News