Icey / Press

“see what happends when u try”

“everyday remix is hands down my favourite of recent times but im just me hits home. Their all big tracks homie, follow your heart.”

“Congrats on your #dreamteam baby! Doing it big like I always knew you could xo”

“Everyone follow @ThaRealKronik & @ThaRealBluntman :)”

“@ThaRealBluntman thanks for the shoutout man, keep doing your thing”

“#MyFavoriteRappersRightNow @Kid_Ink @Tyga @ThaRealBluntman @BowWow @Nelly_Mo”

“Got a bottle of Ciroc and you got yourself an empty glass! -- Reppin' dat new @ThaRealBluntman”

“FACT: @gdact, @PopperGang, @unrealtalk, @EricSychantha, @ThaRealBluntman and @DJ_HumanTraffic are the best young/unsigned niggaz I know of”

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“@ThaRealBluntman always fucking surprises me yall need to get educated”

“@ThaRealBluntman I'm feeeling great I hit one and now rocking to watch me I SAID WE IN THIS BITCH #thatisall”

“And I'm dusting off my mic to get around to finishing my verse for #TFF a rap I did with @ThaRealBluntman and @EricSychantha !”

“trying to keep up with all these songs...”

“Icey aims for top with music career.”