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“BK2SQ1 by Tali ‘Icepack’ Jackson & Klyph Black totally blew me away. I completely fell in love with the sound, the upbeat mixture of blues—just listen that trailing sax on Gumbaux Sallee then contrast it with the reggae style sound of To Keep Love—a favorite. Coming Home Soon has more of a rock edge. Lazy River is pure class. Lazy as the title suggests with a wonderful blend of accordion, keyboard and vocals, to name a few. These guys are first class musicians at the top of their game, the best bit being they make it sound like they’re out for a stroll. There’s not a wasted track. If you’re looking for something completely different, something coolly brilliant, look no further, just get BK2SQ1.”

“This CD takes off from square one, day one, and hasn't looked back. It is rare to find a CD like this that is totally solid, from front to back. Have a listen for yourself, to an award worthy album. The pleasure will be all yours. Madcat Blue - WJCU, Cleveland, Ohio The Capitol Of Rock and The Crossroads Of Rustbelt Blues”

“My absolute favourite track on the CD is ‘Internet Blues’ because it’s fun and up-tempo which suits my programs. However there are several tracks on the album that appeal to me and there’s really something for everyone. Tali was generous enough to give me a couple of extra copies to give away as prizes to my listeners and the feedback was positive. Thank you Tali for your music and your generosity. Keep on rocking the blues! ”

“..."Blues lovers will not be disappointed with the cd BK2SQ1" with the talented line up of Grammy Winners Charles Neville & Terrance Simien with Icepack Jackson, Sax legend Arno Hecht, Bob Steeler, Fmr hot tuna drummer, Double Grammy Nominated Will Bernard & Country Joe & The Fish's David B. Cohen contributing to this wonderful CD. My personal favs are "Gumbeaux Sallee", "Lovers Paradise", and "Internet Blues".. A must have for all blues lovers!”

“Bk2sq1 is a great cd! It’s refreshing to hear music like this in a world in which much of the new music sounds so much the same. Not so with this cd, which combines a soulful sound with rock and jazz. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I especially like Lazy River, World of Pain, Vision and Internet Blues! I play this album frequently, and am looking forward to more music from Icepack Jackson! Gary C. King, Author Join me on Twitter @Gary_C_King Connect with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gary.c.king”

“If you are looking for some great music, look no further. Just grab ICEPACK JACKON & KLYPH BLACK'S CD BK2SQ1. It is an addictive sound and I love the mix. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work! Roger D. Grubbs Author”

"The new CD 'BK2SQ1' is a great dedication to the Blues. Tali "icepack" Jackson details in each word, note and lyric what the blues is about. He and Kylph Black show what the Blues is about! Bravo on the new CD! ~Jan Carroll~ "The Lady Plays The Blues" www.krushradio.com

“I first premiered the new CD BK2SQ1 by Icepack Jackson & Klyph Black a couple of months ago on my show "Nuttin But The Blues" on Krushradio.com, Not only was I blown away but I was amazed at the requests & positive comments I got from my listeners. From the funky Got No Business to the haunting melody of Gumbeau Sallee. And 5AM is blues as they were meant to be played. Billy "Bluesman" Floyd www.krushradio.com”

“I was thrilled when Icepack and Klyph sent me their CD 'bk2sq1'. it is very tight and doesn't miss a lick. it has a beautiful blend of songs. It will make you want to hear it over and over and it just never gets old. I can honestly say this is a must CD for music lovers , I highly recommend this CD because of the excellent musicians on this fine piece of work. I play it on my station for good reason. it is a one of a kind CD. I also love the way they play on this CD. It keeps me tapping my foot.. Great work and check out reverberation or you will miss one of the best CD's out there. http://www.hotmix106.com/show/cure-blues-jc-spinner”

"BK2SQ1" is a great disk. It's what happens when you put great musicians and great music together. Tali "Icepack" Jackson is the glue behind this gumbo of Grammy winners Charles Neville & Terrance Simien, double Grammy nominated guitarist Will Bernard with Sax legend Arno Hecht, former.Hot Tuna drummer Bob Steeler, ex Zen Trickster Klyph Black and a high caliber supporting cast Somewhere between blues, groove, soul and rock; it is the definition of "cool."

“The cd BK2SQ1 by Icepack Jackson & Klyph Black has received the highest listener ratings, for the longest time, over any cd played on this station. I would recommend this cd to be added to any blues lovers' collection. DJ Hamr, Blues 'N Boogie Radio. www.live365.com/stations/bighamr?”

“For anyone who likes music, BK2SQ1 is a CD to listen to. Music made by musicians who have devoted their lives to their instruments and their music. It’s good stuff and you won’t be disappointed, but I like that kinda sound. Every once in awhile you hear a CD that you can’t stop listening to, and this is be one of them.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tali's CD It was refreshing to hear the sound of jazz, blues and old school funk like I wish I could find to buy, but can't find till now.The musicians on here are like the who's who's of some of the greatest. If you can only afford to buy one CD this year, buy this one. Larry Rust Owen Avenue Productions Former Keyboardist Iron Butterfly 1999-2005”

" Bk2Sq1 is a wonderful eclectic mix of rock, soul, blues and more by some of eastern long island's most talented musicians. He is joined by many industry heavyweights who add a special flavor to an already exciting mix. This is a real "home run" by Tali Icepack Jackson. Congratulations!"