Ice on Mercury / Press

“No... they are not an Arcade Fire Cover Band, they're this band. One that could only be described as an erect thrusting peen and three throbbing testicles, re-enacting the meatier scenes from Frank Millers "300", (in interpretative pantomime), to a soundtrack that kinda resembles Metallica's "Kill Em All"....kinda, if it was dosed with the same gamma-ray radiation that spawned the Incredible Hulk,... then shat through an energy drink commercial at double the ferocity; only with slightly MORE vein popping testosterone. And weirdly is not an unpleasant experience....Once you get passed Almir Djemailovic and his raging 12' enthusiasm, I'd possibly even highly recommend them. No seriously! Loved it. Mad energetic, gunning as fuck. A little bit rock, punk, hard-core, nitro-glycerine and the sound of pigs squealing. You might feel a bit sore afterwards....bring a poncho? WINNER! - Spoz Spozington Live Gig Review SOLD OUT SHOW @ Jive Adelaide 21st of June 2014”

Spoz Spozington - Spozs RANT

““Seriously catchy choruses that get stuck in your head like nothing else…. each song has something different to keep hooking you back in to play the whole EP.. the whole recording screams 'strength'…..I’m giving it a ….8.5/10″”

Andrew Brown - The Hard Rock Show Channel 44 Melbourne


The Fowlers Live Music Awards

“Their song "7 out of 10" achieved # 9 ranking AUS Wide in Triple J Unearthed Overall Charts Feb 17th 2013”

“Ice on Mercury hail from the land down under (Australia) and bring the Rock n Roll thunder on For What Time Matters. Opening Track "Awakening" lays the framework for a fiery sound scape of angst ridden rock that could keep a bobble head going for hours. This album is 1 part scorching fret work, 1 part groove orientated heart pulsing drums, 1 part earth thumping bass and all parts rock. "7 out of 10" kicks things into overdrive with a tempo that doesnt let up and with lyrics about destruction and buring the house down, you know these Aussies can handles themselves in a good ol Rock on Roll throw down (if they ever fued with another band, but hey this isnt th 80's)”

“IOM reached # 1 position on the ReverbNation Rock charts for AU in May 2013”

“Ice on Mercury are an AUS finalist in the Music Oz Awards 2012”

“Exciting News for those in the Murray Bridge, SA region. IOM have been invited as special guests to perform at a local Youth Week event....”

Youth Week, The Station Murray Bridge

“Ice on Mercury's track "7/10" featured in Tuff Truck DVD ”

“Ice on Mercury are awarded the winners of the Rocking Angel Award in Oct 2012”

Rocking Angel Bourbon

“After being chosen as this years wildcard, Ice on Mercury were then awarded the runner up position for EMERGENZA International Band Competition GRAND FINAL Adelaide Leg Dec 2010”