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“There music is enchanting and spellbinding pure acoustic indie-pop galore full of creative personalised songs that are full of charisma and charm with gritty guitars, each song has beautiful melodies and wonderful hamonies which result in spectatular vocal strengths.”

“Quite possibly the best thing to come out of Essex in a long time, Ice Chrystalls are a band who immediately grabbed my attention thanks to the sugary female vocals (who isn't a sucker for a female vocalist) and the distinct 'twee-ness' that the band as a whole upholds. For fans of bands such as Veronica Falls or The Vaselines it's clear that Ice Chrystalls won't appeal to everyone, but for those who like music that shimmers and shines then this is a band for you. My personal pick of the week.”

“Listening to "Beat," I feel like I just walked into a small venue and discovered a band that everyone is still going to be talking about in ten years.”

“Ice Crystals – Wonderland A soothing little number with a wonderful vocal. I look forward to hearing more of Ice Crystals.”

“Wonderland cool song. Love the guitar work and the vocals.”

larry debate and the clintman band - Reverbnation Artist

“Mesmerizing and beautiful....Thank you for making music”

C Markham - Reverbnation Artist

“Listen to this amazing "caught in the moment" performance by one half of the incredibly talented British duo IceChrystalls. The song is called "Stronger".It is one of those moments when you catch a piece of musical and vocal magic. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSVR3m47sxA”

“IceChrystalls The topic of this blog post is the band IceChrystalls. After I saw a few videos of the band, I was astonished because their songs were beautiful and their cover on Skyscraper By: Demi Lovato was dead on. No one could have pulled that song off like they did, not even Demi. The two lead singers are simply phenomenal their harmony is beautiful. Their British accents compliment their voices. Their guitarist is amazing. Their is nothing bad to say about this band. ”

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