Ian Maksin / Press

“He was playing and the sounds were expanding like flower buds of new life, bursting into melodies and accentuations. Sounds that were ripening in the womb of his talent suddenly were given their freedom and dissipated in the air, filling it with its energy. I kept switching my gaze back and forth from Ians' beautiful fingers to the glowing faces of the audience...”

“Xanax for the soul..”

NBC Miami News

“It was wonderful, just gorgeous!... Ian Maksin is the "Cello Man"!!!!...”

“[Ian Maksin] has an extraordinarily flexible, persuasive style, which fluctuates effortlessly between turbulent passion and deep tenderness. ”

“[Solo Flight] is a strongly realized recording of some vital cello music by a musician well worth keeping track of.”

“Maksin's varied musical tastes makes him an artist that can increase the popular appeal of classical music.”

“After all the horror stories about airlines and precious musical instruments, here’s one happy cellist, Ian Maksin, who got asked by the flight crew to play for them in mid-air between Chicago and Fort Lauderdale. Looks like it earned him an upgrade.”