Ian C. Bouras / Press

“Why the heck haven't I heard of Ian C. Bouras yet? Bouras can play Guitar extremely well, but has a lot of appeal besides just Guitar”

Diane Haensel - Music Emissions

“guitar work from Bouras is off the hook good...I especially like how Bouras takes the high road and simply plays the guitar the way it is meant to be played”

Joshua Fishkin - All Whats Rock

“guitar playing from Bouras – not an over the top testimony, but rather a well executed, conservative staple that is modest and well packaged”

Alexey Panteyev - Music Existence

“gifted player/composer...backed up by a very capable Engineering skillset”

Martin Zazycki - Rock and Roll View

“the guitar style of Bouras defiantly flows like a ship lost at sea”

Jamie Funge - Band Blurb

“his playing is magical and he feels comfortable in his own skin behind the fretboard”

David Plotts - Vents Magazine

"could easily heralded as the quintessential ambient composer but there is so much more to his music."

Vents Magazine

"there are no limitations when it comes to this amazing artist...tantalizing guitar"

John Howe - Music Emissions

"genius behind a guitar"

Erica McKenzie - Gigband

"melodic narrative and mammoth performances/profile offer an unobstructed view into the heart of an artist who embraces each moment"

Peter Leavitt - Rock and Roll View

"complex and interesting performer"

James McQuiston - Neufutur Magazine

"an amazing Engineer, composer and guitarist"

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"very capable guitarist...rich playing style and dreamy musical landscape"

Thom Williams - Vents Magazine

"Ian C. Bouras has a sound that is somewhat polarizing but also amazing...a brilliant advent to Instrumental guitar music"

Michael Holt - Indie Music Reviews

"brilliant artistic psyche speaking through the guitar"

Aaron Seipel - Skope Magazine

"impressive guitarist and arranger"

Casey Gilck - Band Blurb

"clearly an interesting musical personality that is a bit mysterious... armed with solid production instincts, a sincere writer’s touch and a soulful gift for playing/writing Ian C. Bouras proves he’s a force to be reckoned with"

Peter Leavitt - Rock and Roll View

"known for offering music experiences, rather than just music"

Empowered News

"will have the listener drifting off into various emotional landscapes...guitar enthusiasts should definitely check out Ian C. Bouras"

Jay Ubben - Music Existence

"with the outstanding tonality flowing through his guitar...comparable to the greats"

Scottie James - Indie Artists Alliance

"moody instrumental...so dark that you can almost feel the unrequited love with each chord... simple & atmospheric...makes you feel...take up the whole room as it plays...beautiful instrumental for guitar, but it is more than that...a soundscape...alter your mood just by listening... soothing and yet it is dark and moody at the same time...you will want to add Ian to your playlists, especially if you need something a little on the spooky side, or if you like dark atmospheric sounds"

Andrea Guy

"gentle and meditative...pretty guitar...unusual sonic mixture at times...atmospheric...inventive orchestrations...intriguing...reveals sincere talent."

Dan MacIntosh

"delicate...like wandering a dense forest--cool and dark...gorgeous, captivating...classical-Spanish guitar...like waves lapping the background while you’re whispering with a friend in tall grass, at night, on the bank of a lake somewhere...a place of wonder...eerie tone...pleasant musical experience."

Alice Neiley

"classical/Spanish guitar, and combines that with dub and electronica music...classical guitar licks are elegant and intricate...listeners looking to chill out would do well to queue this up"

Heath Andrews

"the songwriting is clearly above average. The production gets it’s point across well. Again the most amazing thing about this CD (The Certainty of Being Found) is the composition genius of Ian Bouras. He’s clearly a premier talent from New York "

"a fascinating-melodic-melancholy but truthful collection of melodic ambient jazz that reveals all the a-typical conventions of chill, dub, Reggae, and even experimental"

"no doubt a musical mastermind behind the glass"

Drew Blackwell - Rock and Roll View

"fills the sonic space with what I would describe as peaceful tranquility with all the qualities of progressive fusion jazz and even elements of dub, chill, ambient jazz and even orchestral pop...Ian Bouras clearly has a keen musical instinct throughout his conservative writing and playing styles...how good of a guitarist Bouras really is delivering gold standard Jazz, Reggae and Flamenco playing styles. It's obvious he is well versed in Jazz"

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"His playing style and guitar ambience is to die for."

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"Ian C. Bouras creates a cinematic, instrumental songs with embellishments of jazz, avant-garde, experimental, contemporary instrumental, and new age infusions that are almost indescribable. The tunes bring together classic guitar stylings with a reggae beat and electronic elements ...pleasant and inventive...5 out of 5 stars"

Matthew Fross

"interspersed with the melody are some spacey sonic squiggles, which give the track an unusually moody feel...a little eerie, without being full-on scary...haunting instrumental...a breath of fresh air...Call this the inevitability of talent, instead."

Dan MacIntosh

"best described as ambient electronica with elements of pop-jazz and dubwise reggae and the inclusion of some Spanish and classical guitar...a haunting, eerie, dusky mood...a likable, noteworthy contribution to ambient electronica."

Alex Henderson

"peer into the creative soul of a quintessential artist."

Skope Magazine

"This stunning collection of 12 mind blowing tracks presents a sensational, unique and superb sonic space to bask in...This kind of music has the power to get people intellectually stimulated while filling the void created by much of today’s music."

Drew Blackwell - Rock and Roll View

"twists and turns the way great albums should with much in the way of harmonic goodness"

Vents Magazine

"a masterful blend of Vintage Improvised Experimental Smooth Jazz, and Progressive Jazz"

All Whats Rock

"blend of Reggae grooves, Jazz, Chill-Dub and Motion picture type melodies"

Music Emissions

"a complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say in the end?"

Christopher Eaton - Indieshark

"From Reggae to flamenco guitar to a little dub step, this album packs a punch...in the most melodious way possible."

"incorporates elements of dub, ambient, and reggae music into an interesting concoction that is mainly driven by spanish guitar...an intriguing mix that is surprisingly cohesive, warm, and inviting."

"The music is an unusual combination of diverse genres including reggae, jazz, new age, Spanish guitar, and wisps of impressionistic semi-classical...something a bit different for the discerning listener."

"Ian is definitely an artist with a creative ear for unexpected sound directions that lead to wonderful discoveries. **** Way Cool!"

"an extraordinary journey of dub-chilled sound...an enchanting sensual album, smoothly blending exotic ambiance with timeless chill out beats."

"flavours of reggae, latin, dance, and dub...In my experience albums like this are few and far between."

"Fused with Latin dance, dub, reggae, and electro, it’s a Spanish sound wrapped in Jamaica and American rock."

"Ian is quite adept at varying the pulse of the music to seamlessly merge different flavors together as would a master chef."

““Take a rock drum-kit, latin percussion and guitars, and reggae-style bass, and you've got a surprisingly unique and fresh sound that is Ian.Artists like this are responsible for the evolution of musical genres."”

Blips And Bleeps - Blips And Bleeps

"a mesmerizing quality that keeps you on the edge of your seat...unexpected elements that make the listener question his or her perception...**** Way Cool!”

"smokin’ and tasty dub, made with a dry rub of Spanish spices...Refreshing dub licks melt into rich harmonics that ping softly into sweetly picked melodies while the melodica waits patiently to sing in its distinctive voice. Just close your eyes and chill on the beach"

"swims in sincerity...Douchebags and hipsters may scoff, but I dig the heart and homegrown production."