I Am Warbird / Press

“Yes! Dynamic changes and melodic interludes laced with rough n’ tumble rock n’ roll. In this day and age it doesn’t get any better than I Am Warbird. Squawking from McKinney, Texas, this two-piece experimental outfit will leave you salivating, craving more, ready to bleed for another piece. Upon listening to the recent release “II”, available through reverbnation.com, it is hard to believe that the amount of noise generated by these soldiers of sound comes out of two, simple human beings. If it’s too much to comprehend, which it most likely will be, I Am Warbird has made several videos of their live performances available for any visual learners out there. Featuring former Albuquerque-native Kevin Dueer brutalizing stringed instruements alongside the lethal drumming and haunting vocals of McKinney partner-in-mayhem Matt B., “II” smacks of non-conventional rock offerings, which is a good thing. As a whole we’ve been far too overexposed to “sugar-coated mindless fi”

“i am war bird traveled all the way from Altoga, TX just to play a private show. Their sound is completely original and totally unique. I recommend booking this band if you are looking for something fresh, unlike the overplayed stale music scene that is currently in existence. i am warbird will definitely bring a show to remember.”

Dustin Terrell - SVR