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““I really try to find something I like in all types of music,” said local musician Ian O’Brien, guitarist for Orlando band I Am The Sea. “All music uses the same principles and ideas in a different way, so it’s great to hear how different artists take ideas that have been done before and make it their own.” “I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 12 years old. I’ve learned a little about other instruments, piano, bass, drums, banjo, and mandolin, but guitar is still my main instrument.” O’Brien lists his current musical influences as Gatsby’s American Dream, Periphery, Emarosa, Animals as Leaders, Protest the Hero, and Lovedrug. “It’s very difficult to describe my style. It changes depending on what type of genre you’re playing and what type of message you’re trying to convey.” ”

““I want people to take away anything, good or bad,” said local musician Jimmy Christy, guitarist for Orlando Indie band I Am The Sea. “If our music moves you, that’s GREAT! We are provoking something inside of you and I feel like that’s what music’s job is in our lives sometimes.” “I started playing guitar when I was 15. I tried to learn every Punk song you can imagine. A few years later I picked up the drums. I’ve been trying to play both now as much as I can.” View slideshow: I Am the Sea “I’ve played guitar, drums, bass, and mandolin. I don’t really know how to describe my playing style. I guess I like playing slower stuff that’s really full sounding.” “I write my own music along with helping the song writing process with I Am The Sea. I’m really not sure where I get my lyrics. I guess I try and write down how I feel at that moment when I am writing the actual lyrics.””

““It is beyond important for bands to support each other and help their fellow musicians,” said local musician Nick Johnson, bassist in Orlando band I Am The Sea. “We appreciate it more than words can say sometimes and we are always helping bands we love, however, I feel that brotherhood between bands is few and far between now. Everyone is looking out for themselves.” Growing up he listened to a lot of Bluegrass and Classic Rock music, but these days he listens to more of a variety of music. “I really enjoy softer bands like Bright Eyes and Iron and Wine, but I am obsessed with Alkaline Trio and Brand New also.” Although he is the bassist in I Am The Sea, he considers himself primarily a guitar and banjo player. “I pull a lot of my ideas from guitar, but I have learned a lot about bass from bands like Anti-Flag and Rancid. I definitely have more of a Punk Rock influence.””

““Honestly, at first I thought there were too many musicians and not enough fans,” said local musician Eliseo Gregory, speaking about the Orlando music scene. “Now I’m starting to think I’ve been working with the wrong people. Lately it seems to have grown quite exponentially despite the economy.” The Indie musician plays piano and guitar regularly, but also plays the banjo, slide, mandolin, violin, and trumpet. He has played in bands in a variety of musical genres ranging from Folk to Hardcore, and is currently a member of the local Orlando Alternative Rock band I Am the Sea, as well as working on a solo Indie/Folk project. Gregory writes both lyrics and music “It’s a very simple process for me; lyrics are a collective idea of memories and experiences. The music I write to those ideas ties them together and forms verses, bridges, and chorus’s etc.” ”