The Silence / Press

“Love is God is so true, thanks for the music Fantastic music here! great to hear you again and please keep in touch! Cat ”

Cat Mclean - Cat Mclean

“It's a pleasure!! i think you do a very difficult style and very good way of composing. I'm a big fan, too!! ”

Lou Levy - Lou Levy

“Hey Rui Luv Hells Angels,great beat & energy....all the best Paul Pritchard ”

Paul Pritchard - Paul Pritchard

“I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Hell's Angels " is a great song of yours and I became your fan. ”

Pat Branch - Pat Branch

“Great Production”

Sub Secret - Sub Secret

“Really beautiful and passionately performed pieces. Thanks for sharing these w/ me. Loved them! Peace ”

Rick Frost - Rick Frost

“Listening to your music, "Love is GOD", Awesome instrumentals, lyrics and vocalS”

LizStarRose - LizStarRose