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“Gabrielle Wortman- The classically trained pianist, who is also a dab hand on guitar ploughs a line I think can best be summed up as alternative-pop. I am writing this on the day that the death of Whitney Houston is breaking across the world and I am immediately drawn to a comparison in the strength of vocal. What is far more impressive is the structure of the sound, which has real depth, as she has crafted the out-put on the disparity of environs in which she has lived, with melody utilising significant sharps and flats, to add emotional context to the out-put. The cross-over between urban angst with the wider spaces is allowed to develop, due to the sheer musical ability of Gabrielle. I use the label alternative-pop, as a positive indicator, the music has the mainstream sound, which is more than off-set by heart-felt and relevant musical composition.”

“thought the only love that i had was, mine ♫ Gabrielle Wortman – Ghost Who: That’s tricky, pretty sure it’s Gabrielle Wortman What: Alternative rock, like Florence and the Machine, Bohème Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: The Voodoo EP is out now Why: The piano. The minimalistic synths. The sparse drum track. Oh, and the voice: It’s powerful. It’s haunting. It’s passionate. It’s astonishing. Simply put there is nothing I can’t tout to the highest of touts with this song. So while I sit here and tout to the utmost of my ability, press play.”

“We’re loving all things Gabrielle Wortman at the moment and we can’t get enough of her track ‘Ghost’ right now. Not to mention the awesome Voodoo Love EP and the video too!!! This might be a little bit different to some of the types of tracks we usually post but we always said we are quite eclectic!!! Check out her quality tracks below and the video for her track Voodoo Love!!! If you want to know all things Gabrielle Wortman, get yourself on her official site here and her facebook here.”

“Gabrielle Wortman is trying out her own brand of urban/contemporary chic. Her fresh musical style has garnered the attention of fans throughout the country with it's distinct urban vibe and southern soul elements. She has combined two different genres to create a sound all her own, and people are listening. This 22 year-old storyteller with a lonesome dove appeal remains an independent artist who is utilizing the Internet to win friends and influence people, including the critics. Her first album titled "Home Is Where The Art Is," was nominated for AAA Album of the Year by the Los Angeles Music Awards and sold over 10,000 copies. Her fans around the world are now awaiting her second album which is currently in the works. [read the entire article at http://www.popstar.com/News/Celebrity/Article/1173]”

“Look out for Gabrielle Wortman! This rising star is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and vocalist — and Celebuzz is proud to present her brand-new video right here. Gabrielle turns it out in her video for “Don’t Let Me Lose Control.” The moody, dark and soulful song has been married with striking, yet simple visuals that deliver a stimulating experience. Plus, the song sounds really good and she’s pretty. What more do you want?!? Gabrielle says: “My music is an aural representation of the emotions I’ve frelt, the places I’ve been and the moments I’ve experienced. I just happen to have a deep fascination with the juxtaposition of urban-city life and the deep, swampy south. My fingers take the city approach and my voice has a hint of the humidity, I’d say.” Her latest EP Voodoo is out now on iTunes. Watch the video for “Don’t Let Me Lose Control” and tell us what you think on our Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook!”

“Gabrielle Wortman's debut album, HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS, has been nominated for AAA Album of the Year by the LA Music Awards.”

“Gabrielle Wortman is one to watch this year with her first album- Home Is Where The Art Is.”

“Songbird: Gabrielle Wortman. Singer Shows Talent And Savvy.”

“Gabrielle Wortman is a powerhouse performer. Her well-crafted songs are uplifting and enchanting. She has a unique style that stands out in the LA music scene. If you haven’t seen her live... you should.”

“Gabrielle Wortman brings together great songs, an incredible voice and a work ethic second to none. This is clearly an artist worth your time and attention.”