Christopher Horton(IAMSOUND) / Press

“Horton’s twin seven-string Ibanez guitars are at the heart of the band’s sound. The group creates a polyrythmic, rousing progressive metal that is capped by the auspicious vocal stylings of Ryder, who came to be in IAMSOUND by somewhat of a geographical coincidence.”

“CHRIS: Ive always liked heavy stuff. I grew up with 90's alternative, but I always had an interest in metal as well. I like a bit of everything, though. I have a special love for 80's goth and pop. From Echo and the Bunnymen and Tori Amos to Slipknot and Void! As far as guitar goes, Metallica and Nirvana really inspired me to play. When it comes to switching over to 7 string guitars, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, and Korn had a huge influence on me.”

“The group did not disappoint. Horton, for the first time in recent memory, took on the role of vocalist, and a three guitar assault accented his percussive yet melodic singing. The songs are catchy but not contrived, memorable and groovy while retaining aggression. A tinge of Megadeth-style sarcastic lyrics, some straight AIC diminished grunge licks, and a relentless rhythm section ruled the set, with hints of sparkling dynamics and thick wall of guitar layers.”

“IAMSOUND"S new album leaked!!”