Pat Maine / Press

“'Old Hands' a very bright light into the future for these two aspiring artists.”

“MC Pig Pen & Pat Maine - Old Hands Feat. Amber Lees”

“Pig Pen and Pat Maine have teamed up and they have an album coming out this winter.”

“Pig Pen & Pat Maine rep hard, and do a lot of touring - hell, check out their upcoming schedule for August and September”

“Maine boasts a vocabulary and flow style that leaves other emcees scrambling to compete. Experience coincides with talent to produce something special to keep an eye open for. He is a leader when it comes to putting SLC on the map for hip-hop. Become informed about this artist before he blows up the charts. ”

“MC Pigpen & Pat Maine, Dusk, Yze, Dumb Luck Fri., April 9, 8:00pmThe Airliner The "soon to be legends of hip-hop" (from Salt Lake City, of all places) embark on their Alive & Well Tour ”

“Local hip-hop artists Pat Maine (aka Kinnetik), YZE and MC Pig Pen are currently on the road representing Utah's scene.”