I am Love / Press

“i am Love is the Bulls in the 90s, but everybody wears 23 and wins the MVP. It’s an absolutely beautiful project from top to bottom. I can’t call it perfect, but I can call it 4.5 out of 5 stars.”

“On their new self-titled album, i am Love craft an impressive and ambitious work of art, and although considerably more low-tech than some of their influences, it ranks alongside of them in terms of sheer scope and magnitude. It’s like The Velvet Underground wanting to recreate the Wall of Sound with only a four piece and some cheap instruments, and in the process creating something just as beautiful. There’s a quirky sense of humor to a lot of their songs with song titles like “Pants on Fire” and “Stinkbug Serenade,” giving the album a somewhat endearing outsider feel, but the performances are entirely in earnest and absolutely stunning”

“Every now and then there comes a band that floats between genres, and all you can really say is that the music makes you feel genuinely warm and fuzzy inside — i am Love’s “Pillar of Salt” is a perfect example of that.”

“a circus folk rock troupe with flashes of Americana, post-punk, classic rock, new wave, and the Avant Garde all playing harmoniously like a choir of art school misfits. A saxophone here. A viola there. A grand aural collage of different sounds, textures, instruments, and influences. How glorious it must be. And so we have the self-titled debut album from Philadelphia’s i am Love, a collection of pop songs created by a vast array of instrumentation and open, bleeding hearts. -”

“I Am Love isn’t a religious cult, but a trippy, folksy trio from the Pennsylvania hills. Their self titled cd due for release in Jan 2015, is a collection of backwood melodies which could easily cascade through America’s heartland. A mix of dissonant sounds made possible by using unconventional instruments such as zither, sax, banjo and percussio”

““Truest” strips down to a humble dwelling adorned with simple vocal harmonies that float over cresting waves of percussion, acoustic guitar and cello. I Am Love craft an anthem to living a true life. -”

"To simply call “I am Love” a band, would be somewhat of a misnomer. With the opening tap dance number performed to rag time piano by individuals not present in the band, and an interpretive dance by another individual associated with the group, it would be more accurate to call “I am Love” some kind of idiosyncratic artistic statement. Throughout the set there was a clear mixture of disparate influences that had come together to shape the band’s sound. The often upbeat music was frequently contrasted with lyrical themes such as sorrow, forgetting the past, and eternal damnation. "With a strong rhythmic pulse, enveloping distortion, and joint horn lines with a spice of some free jazz influences by the alto saxophone "player, the band knew how to keep listeners entertained.

“The two tracks on Pennsylvanian acoustic orchestra i am Love’s forthcoming Truest 7 inch represent both the personal and the global sides of revolution. The beautifully paced ebb and flow of the rich, thoughtful title track, written by band leader Joshua Christopher after a near-fatal car accident, celebrates a return to life after tragedy. The B-side, Trumpets and Cliffs is more anthemic, a clarion call to action that could make it the theme song of the current Occupy Movement. The two songs together show the spectrum of what the self-described folkster band can do with the wide array of instruments including trumpets and flugelhorn at their disposal.”