I Am Lightyear / Press

“A new artist whose music is already fully realized and clearly destined for attention”

“Wonderfully layered pop”

Black Book Mag


“New York-based dramatic-pop outfit Lightyear is pleased to announce their debut EP All of The Miles. Set for release on November 1, 2011, the five-song All of The Miles EP explores love, loss and ultimately rebirth. To celebrate the release, Lightyear is making the dark and hypnotic first single "It Beats" available for free download. Accompanying "It Beats" is a haunting, visceral and atmospheric video, representing the songs pulsing, desire-fueled energy through visuals you won't soon forget. In addition to "It Beats", Lightyear will be performing at this year's CMJ Music Conference with an intimate appearance at Old Flame Record's showcase at Pianos in New York City on Tuesday, October 18.”

“Much like a lightyear, music can, at times, seem limitless. From one end of a spectrum to another, it ranges from simple chord progressions to the complex, from the unimaginative to the avant garde. But somewhere in between lies those musicians who just know how to reach you from the chaos. Lauren Zettler’s electro-pop project, Lightyear, is just that—a moment of clarity. It’s an honest look into the heart and thoughts of a person who is truly human—a person who feels deeply and wants to share this clarity she’s found with others.”

“After years of releasing music as a singer-songwriter, Brooklyn-based musician Lauren Zettler needed to make a change. Her new electro-pop project, Lightyear, is catchy, yet dramatic, and shows her as graceful, but still vulnerable about her emotions. Drawing from influences like Emily Haines, Feist and Robyn while also tapping into her own technical skills — she’s a classically trained pianist and studied film scoring at the Berklee School of Music — Zettler is able to create beautifully fragile moments that build up to powerfully stirring points. On this episode of BTR Hear & There, Lightyear brings her pulsating music to an industrial warehouse gallery space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.”

“Lightyear is a solidly professional act from an accomplished songwriter who should soon be mentioned in the same breath with the likes of Feist and Regina Spektor.”

“As Lightyear, Lauren Zettler Turns Pain into Wonderfully Layered Pop: Brooklyn-based musician Lauren Zettler was ready for a change of pace. After creating two full-length albums under her real name, she created an alter ego of sorts, and christened it Lightyear. She began exploring a sound that skewed more towards electro pop, and the result is her debut EP, All of the Miles. Zettler studied film scoring at the Berklee School of Music, and her songs reflect this influence, with their dramatic, sweeping tone. Her EP is a meditation on heartbreak and romantic loss, but, as she says, “the hope is in there somewhere.” She’s interested in the interaction between film and music and, together with director Kristen Winter, created a visually stunning teaser video to accompany music from her new album.”

“Check out this brilliant video from Lightyear, the latest project from Brooklyn musician Lauren Zettler. The song comes from Lightyear’s 2011 debut EP, All Of The Miles (listen here). “I wanted to fill the video with bold, tactile imagery shot in a simple, elegant manner,” says director Kristen Winter. “Even though it is in black and white, I want the viewer to feel the blood flowing through the video’s veins. The first idea that came to mind was squeezing paint between one’s fingers- something I used to love doing as a kid in art class. From there, we came up with other ideas such as the gold leaf painting and glitter face washing.””

“Lauren Zettler has made her avant-garde, dream-pop musical project, Lightyear, as visual as it sounds. Indiana native Zettler, a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, has spent much of her time as a singer-songwriter under her given name, but has recently created a different musical concept with a new moniker. As Lightyear, Zettler released her All of the Miles EP, a preview of more music to come, last month. All of the Miles' first single, "It Beats," has lately been the center of Zettler's web presence, with an intentionally weird music-video teaser to represent her project. The full video for "It Beats" is in the process of being released; in order to create it, Zettler sought funding from EP pre-orders.”