JSmooth / Press

"You Got Some Good Music on Yo Page BTW, I See You Pay Attn To Lyrics, Good Shit Homie! Hopefully We Can Link Up In The Future For A Collab Or somethin, To Swap Some Fans, I Need A Good Artist Like Yourself On The WestCoast"

"I see you grinding cuzzin, keep shining fam! I feel like your gonna be a star your future is bright!"

"I'm diggin these tracks,keep puttin in that work"

"I rock witchu man"

"3 words to say "real recognize real"

"Ayo, I checked your tracks and that is hard as fuck! def. going to spread the word on your name and music,keep it movin fam"

"Aye fam I am really feelin ya music"

"Dig your music"

"Very nice shit! Hottttttt, smokin, flamin! one of the hottest cats i've heard on here"

"killin em! puttin it down for our state. nice shit homie"

"Fucks with smooth real hip hop"

"Damn man, you are honestly one of the best artists I've ever heard real talk. Keep doin your thing man you headin towards greatness no doubt."

"Hot tracks you deserve the spotlight"

"Man this is a dope best shit i ever heard man im going to tell everyone about you dam ur beast"

"Your doing something really good your music its really good and ima try to support you and move words along to ppl so they can listen too your music but your most def. gonna make it good luck!"

"I was not expecting to hear something THIS GOOD, when I came to your page, keep it real, by that I mean don't focus solely on the materialistic aspect of life especially when all of it becomes achieved with such ease"

"Ran by your page and I got really excited! You got a really original style, I like it a lot. I have a real deep love for good music lol"

"Aye G You Got Hot Hits I like Your TRAX !!! Hey Keep Killin It !!"

"Not only do I see you, I damn sure Hear You! - You Keep grind, Mashing for your city.... Good Music is what Make people continue to come Back to you Page, That's 100%"

"Good music!! love your delivery"

"I ain’t gon lie fam ur musik hott u got lotta potential just keep doin wat you doin, as u can c im already a fan, I support talented artists."

"bro go hard. Like you shit!"

"tracks tight dawg"

"like the songs g! stay on your grind!"

"Keep killing em fam!!!"

"this is certified real s*^t right here! I'm diggin ya style homie...keep it up...be easy"

"It is so rare to actually run across something i want to promote, let alone listen to on that joint. I'm feeling you, nice flow. Check me out, I think we should put something together."

"JSmooth whut up ps why this guy JSmooth aint signed yet he got bars"

"feeln da tracks keep makin dat good music"

"Fuck witcha flow homie..jus became a fan.."

"good shit bra..im likin look up in the sky"

"I checked out yo stuff bro. you hecka talented. it be nice if we could work on some stuff yo. id def love to lay some stuff down wit you...hit me up an we can talk further."

"your music is really neat, and different; genuine and real."